Code of Conduct

We want you to have fun and to enjoy the testing experience, but we also need members of our player pool to understand the need for professionalism when playtesting.

Our Tester Code of Conduct below contains the rules that you must adhere to and what is expected from you when providing feedback on our behalf. 

When playtesting, please ensure you:

  • Are located in the country that you have specified on your profile;
  • Record in a quiet place, away from others or distractions;
  • Fill out your profile and screener surveys honestly, ensuring that the details provided in both match up;
  • Provide continuous, clear, constructive feedback in English (unless asked otherwise);
  • Remain professional at all times;
  • Contact if you have any problems with a playtest, using respectful language.

If you are attending an interview, please ensure you:

  • Turn up at the time requested in your invite;
  • Let us know if you are unable to attend the interview as soon as possible; and
  • Take part in the interview to the best of your ability, showing respect for the developer and being mindful of what your camera displays.

You must not:

  • Discuss any game you have played with anyone, as outlined in the NDA;
  • Take screenshots or screen recordings of the games, unless you are reporting an issue to us;
  • Use a VPN or any other software to mask your location while testing (we can detect this and will not be able to accept your playtest);
  • Ignore any required in-game playtest tasks;
  • Have more than one account with PlaytestCloud;
  • Make derogatory comments about the developers or the gaming company directly (we only need feedback about the game itself).

When accepting a playtest or an interview slot, please ensure that you are able to commit to these rules. If you do not follow them, it could result in playtest submissions being denied payment and/or removal from the PlaytestCloud database.

Thanks for testing and for your interest in working with us to improve mobile games. Happy gaming!