How Do I Become A Playtester?

If you'd like to become a playtester, the first thing you should do is head over to our sign up page here. You'll get a short, unpaid qualification test which will review your capabilities and then you'll be able to playtest! 

Watch the instructional video at the beginning and follow the advice given. If you do that you should have no problem passing the qualification test.

This qualification test is to determine your eligibility in joining the PlaytestCloud tester panel. When you become a part of the tester panel you'll start receiving the real playtests that you get paid for. 

On average, most of our playtesters will receive a new playtest invitation every other week, but sometimes it might take longer. When we arrange a playtest, we randomly select players who fit the demographic the game developers want to target. Because of that, it’s tough to predict when you’ll get a new playtest invitation. Just keep in mind that this is not a full time job but more of a fun way to may some money on the side.

If you have any questions, you might wanna check out more of our FAQs for testers here

If you have a question that is not included here, you can always ask our Community Manager at