How To Install An iOS Game

What you need to playtest iOS games:

  • A recent iPhone (5s or better) or iPad (iPad 4th generation or better)
  • iOS 10 or iOS 11
  • Headphones
  • WiFi connection

Installing iOS games

Once you were picked to participate in an iOS game test, please follow these steps to play the game:

1. Follow the link
If you have received an invitation email for a playtest, it contains a button saying "Install the game" that you can open. Be sure to open this email on your iOS device, either your iPhone or iPad! Pressing the button will take you to the install page. If you received the link directly just click it or copy it into the Safari browser on your iOS device. 

The link will look something like this: It’s not possible to open this link in Google Chrome on iOS!

2. Agree to the NDA
As the games that PlaytestCloud tests are confidential, you need to accept the terms of our Non-disclosure agreement to access the game test. To do this, please read the NDA, see if you can agree to it and then type "I accept" (capitalization does not matter) in the input box at the bottom. Once you did that, you will automatically be forwarded to the next page.

3. Tap the install button
When you click the install button, your device will show you this message: would like to install "Game Name". Click "Install" to proceed. Once you did that, press the Home button on your device to see the game being installed.

4. Allow your iOS device to run the game by trusting the PlaytestCloud developers
If you try and start the game now, you will most likely see a message saying "Untrusted Enterprise Developer". You see this because the games being tested on PlaytestCloud are still in development and aren’t delivered to you from the official Apple App Store. Follow these instructions to trust the PlaytestCloud founders, Marvin Killing and Christian Ress: Trusting Enterprise Developers

6. Start the game
Once you did that, you’re good to go! Just tap the app icon and start the app like any other. The next screens will explain to you what you have to do.

If you have a question that is not included here, you can always ask our Community Manager at