My Android Device Says "App not installed"

Sometimes it happens that when trying to install a game on Android, the installation will not complete and just show you a pretty generic error saying "App not installed".

From our experience, these are the top 3 reasons this might happen to you:

1. You don’t have enough storage space left on your Android device
Please follow this guide to free up some space and try again:

2. You already have the game installed on your device
Sometimes PlaytestCloud sends you game tests of games that have already been released and that you might currently play. Please double-check the name of the game you’re trying to install. If you already played it before, please don’t participate in this playtest, as developers want to get a fresh impression of their game by someone who’s seeing it for the first time.

3. You don’t have a compatible Android version
Please check your Android version by following this guide. If it is below Android 5, unfortunately you can’t participate in PlaytestCloud tests. If it is Android 5 or newer, please email us at

If you run into any other issues, you can check out our video about what to do if there's a problem

If you have a question that is not included here, you can always ask our Community Manager at