How Do You Get My Recording?

When you have finished your playtest we will send you an email to confirm that we have received the full upload of your recording. If you don’t receive this email you can check your upload progress by re-opening the app on your device. If there are recording segments that still need to be uploaded they will continue uploading when you re-open the app.

If you have downloaded the game, do not delete it until you have received the confirmation email that your full recording has been received.

We are unable to accept screen recordings of playtests that you have made on your device. This would go against the NDA as you are not allowed to recording the developer's intellectual property. Doing this would also mean that you do not complete any necessary tasks. Please only record the games using designated PlaytestCloud software. 

Don't forget:

When recording, you're recording your whole screen and any notifications you receive, so it's a good idea to turn on Do Not Disturb. If something comes up and you need to leave the playtest for a short time, that's fine! You can return to it by reopening the app.

If you have a question that is not included here, you can always ask our Community Manager at