The App says that my Upload is complete but I haven't received a Confirmation Email yet

So you've finished your playtest - awesome!

You now have to upload the recording to us. This should happen automatically while you play but can sometimes take a while longer, depending on where you are and the strength of your wifi. 

As mentioned in other FAQ articles, you can check the status of the upload by opening the game again and checking its progress.

After a while, you will see something like this appear on the app screen:

That's great! When we have received your recording we will send you an email stating "We received your recording". This is confirmation that we now have everything that we need to review your playtest. If you have not received this email, the upload needs to continue, even if the above notification is showing.

When you get the confirmation email you may delete the game!

Please bear in mind that there may be some time between the upload complete notification appearing on your phone, and the recording finalising at PlaytestCloud. The final step is receiving that confirmation email!

If you continue to have any issues, you can check out our video about what to do if there's a problem

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