Recording Tips

It's great that you want to better your recording quality! Below are some top tips for recording like a pro!
  • Find a place away from other people - when you’re in a room with lots of background noise it makes it hard to hear your thoughts on the game. You also, agree to a non-disclosure agreement before every playtest that prohibits you from sharing anything about the game with anyone.
  • Make sure you have a good pair of headphones with a mic. This will make it easier to hear you clearly.
  • Turn off any fans or equipment that could make background noise - even though it sounds quiet in the room, the recorder will pick up the humming from fans, TVs and other electrical equipment.
  • If you have received feedback on your recording being difficult to hear, try some of these tips to limit the amount of background noise and echo on the recording:
    • close all the doors and windows in the room
    • make sure your microphone isn’t covered by your hands or clothes.
    • try recording in a confined space like your car
    • turn off notifications for when you’re doing a playtest, this will also stop you from getting distracted!
    • place your device closer to your mouth but try not to cough or snort into it.
    • use a different headset
    • move to another area if you are being interrupted by noise
    • try recording with a blanket over your head, this will limit echo and outside sounds on your recording.
  • Try to cough or sniff away from the mic - several people will be listening to your recording

    If you have any other questions about being a playtester, please get in touch with our Community Manager on