Tips for Improving Your Talking

Need some advice on what to talk about or how to get started? You're in the right place! Check out the tips below for some great advice on talking while playing:
  • When talking in a playtest, try to think of it like a stream of consciousness - describe the many thoughts and feelings which pass through your mind when interacting with the game. However, it’s important to remember to stay focused on the game!
  • When you talk out loud while you are playing your feedback will accurately reflect exactly what you are thinking and feeling in that moment which will help the game developers understand the problems.
  • Try not to be self conscious - it’s weird talking out loud to nobody while playing a game. If you find you can’t get in the zone, pretend to be talking to a friend when playtesting.
  • Try to get used to talking to nobody by having, one-sided conversations with yourself. Once you get used to talking to yourself, it makes it so much easier to express your thoughts on a topic.
  • Another way to get in the mood is to start reading the tutorial screens out loud as the game starts. This will warm you up to talking about what you’re experiencing.
  • Be professional when encountering something you may not like, such as advertisements.
  • It’s ok to pause to collect your thoughts - but keep it to a couple seconds and then dive back into your response to the game.
  • Make sure that you talk throughout the whole recording. For example: Even if you have been asked to complete a 30-minute playtest, you will still need to continue talking through your thoughts if you record for longer than that. We will be reviewing the entire recording!
  • If you’d like to get some feedback on your playtests, please let us know. Drop us a line on

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