The app is saying that I've already completed the qualification test, but I haven't started it!

If you're trying to complete the qualification test, but you're seeing the following message...

... it is because our system has detected the use of a VPN: Software that can alter the detected location on your device. We’ve had to put up safeguards around location-altering software due to testers pretending they were in certain locations.

Therefore, this software is not allowed, as mentioned in our tester code of conduct. We need to guarantee to the developers we work with that the players testing their product are definitely in the location they wish to test with. Therefore, if a playtester uses a VPN, we are unable to use their playtests. 

Please ensure that any VPN's or other software is turned off and then you should be able to continue.

Still seeing the error message?

If you have checked your device, and you aren't using a VPN or have since turned it off, but you are still seeing the message, then it is possible that your wifi connection is having an effect. This can especially be the case if it is a public wifi, such as in a school or library, as these are often rerouted from a different location.

Please try another wifi connection and see if that allows you to continue.

If you have any further issues, please contact our Community team at