Can I use a VPN while I playtest?

Unfortunately not.

As mentioned in the Tester Code of Conduct, testers must not use a VPN while they playtest.

When developers set up playtests with us, they request specific target demographics normally based on location. In order to verify that a tester is definitely based in this area, we need their upload data to show that they are currently recording there. Without it, we cannot guarantee to the developer that the tester is in the right place and therefore usable for their research.

We can only check the location based on the upload data received by our system. If your upload data is showing multiple countries of origin, or a location different to that on your profile, we will be unable to use your playtest. We would therefore not be able to pay you.

Please ensure that any VPNs - or any software that is masking your location - are turned off prior to playtesting. Our reviewers will also be checking recordings thoroughly for VPN use.

If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with our Community team at