I Found A Bug In This Game!

Often the games you'll be playing are pre-release. With pre-release games, there is always a chance the game you'll be testing will have elements or moments within the game that could be considered a "bug."

We ask that you do not focus on the "bugs" you find. Almost 100% of the bugs you find is a bug the developer is aware of and therefore doesn't need to be talked about at length.

Developers are most interested in how you interact with the parts of the game that do work. They want to hear what you think about the game as a whole; the look and feel of the game, if you're enjoying playing it, and what you think works well or not so well.

If you see a bug, mention it, then move on – this is the ideal way to handle bugs that you find in the games you playtest.

If you have a question that is not included here, you can always ask our Community Manager at help@playtestcloud.com