I've already started recording a longitudinal but on returning to the test I can't continue. It says the playtest is complete - what does that mean?

The best thing to check first is the deadline for the playtest, to make sure it hasn't passed yet.

If the playtest is still running, it's possible that you tried to access your recent session while being connected to a VPN or similar software that affected your upload location. VPN's will need to be turned off before you can continue.

If you're not using a VPN, perhaps you’re using a different wifi connection this time, compared to your earlier recordings in this playtest? If that's the case, it is possible that the most recent wifi is affecting your location. This can especially be true if it's a public wifi, such as in a school or library, as these are often rerouted from a different location.

You should return to the wifi that you were using earlier as this was accepted by our system.

We’ve had to put up safeguards around location-altering software due to testers pretending they were in certain locations.

If you continue to have difficulties, you can get in touch with our Community team at help@playtestcloud.com