How to... update your profile!

Where can I update my profile?:

When you are a playtester, we will occasionally send you emails about updating the details on your profile:

  • We send out a monthly prompt to our testers who haven't received a playtest in a while.
  • After completing a paid survey (whether standalone or as part of a recorded playtest), you will see an "update profile" link.
  • If you've just completed a playtest, the "We have received your recording" email will include a link to your profile.
  • If you're unsure where to find the link, you can also contact us at and we'll gladly help you out!

How should I update the games?:

On top of adding games that you're playing, it's also important that you remove any that you're not playing anymore, as well as any devices you have updated.

Make sure to only add games to your profile that you have played extensively, otherwise you might be excluding yourself from playtests you're relevant for. Developers often want playtesters who are experiencing their product for the first time.

Don't forget:

  • Current games - Games that you play frequently, at least weekly
  • Favorite games - Your absolute favorites! You don't have to be currently playing these. They are the games that you've enjoyed the most, in the whole time you've been playing games!

For further info about the other areas of your profile and how to fill them out, check out the video below:

The more relevant and up-to-date your profile is, the more likely you are to be selected. You can update your profile here.

If you have a question that is not included here, you can always ask our Community Managers at