My Tremendous reward has expired!

If your Tremendous reward card has expired, neither PlaytestCloud nor Tremendous is responsible for replacing any remaining funds. By accepting a Tremendous reward, recipients agree to Tremendous’ cardholder agreement, which states:

The Card has a “VALID THRU” expiration date embossed on the front of the Card. Once this expiration date has passed, the Card will be voided and will not be replaced except in our sole discretion. All funds on the Card expire on the expiration date shown on the Card. If you do not spend all the funds on the Card prior to this expiration date, the remaining funds will not be available to you. You have no right to the funds except to use them for authorized purchases prior to the expiration date of the Card.

You can read the full cardholder agreement here.

Expiration dates are clearly listed on all cards issued by Tremendous. If you’ve been issued a Tremendous card and you’re not sure how to find the expiration date, please refer to this article.

If you have any questions, you can contact Tremendous directly at or check out their FAQ's.